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Why do we need a Competency Exam?

  • A professional competency exam protects the public from less than competent practitioners. This in turn protects the reputation of the profession. A professional competency exam is good for the public and for the practitioners.
  • It is international best practice to have a certification exam at arm’s length from the educators and educational programs that provide the training. This reduces testing bias.1
  • Because it works! Research confirms that those who perform well on the Physiotherapy Competency Exam experience fewer disciplinary complaints and perform better on continuing competence practice assessments.2
  • For fair access to registration. Whether Canadian-educated or internationally-educated, all physiotherapist candidates take the same exam. If you can demonstrate that you are competent, ethical and safe, you can have access to registration.
  • Every trusted profession has a competency exam. It inspires respect. The following professions in Canada also have competency exams required for licensure:

Law                             Medicine                        Nursing                                Dentistry
Pharmacy                 Engineering                   Accounting                          Optometry



  1. ISO 17024, Standard 5, 2012; NCCA Standard 3:Education, Training & Certification, 2016
  2. Nayer, M, Glover-Takahashi, S, What Ontario Physiotherapist Data Says About Risks to Competence, 2017