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Written Component Practice Exam


The Written Component Practice Exam provides candidates with an opportunity to experience the test delivery process first-hand, prior to exam day. The Practice Exam is provided through CAPR’s exam delivery partner Prometric. The experience incorporates key exam-day protocols and procedures, as well as the software platform through which candidates will complete the PCE Written Component.

The Practice Exam itself is comprised of 50 multiple choice questions that are representative of content candidates will encounter during the PCE Written Component. Candidates are given 60 minutes to complete the practice exam. Please note that performance on the practice exam does not predict success or failure of the actual PCE Written Component.


Delivery Methods

Candidates have the choice of taking the practice exam at a Prometric testing centre or through remote proctoring in an appropriate private location. Both exam delivery methods are designed to replicate the exam-day experience as much as possible.

Please note: Candidates who wish to take the Practice Exam through remote proctoring must first undergo a System Readiness Check to confirm the appropriateness of their location, equipment and computer settings.

For more information about remote proctoring, download the CAPR FAQ.


Fees and Scheduling

CAPR is currently subsidizing a portion of the cost of the Practice Exam, allowing Prometric to offer the exam at the reduced rate of $25.00 plus tax (regular price: $45.00 plus tax).

To schedule a Written Component Practice Exam through Prometric, please click here.