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PCE Candidate Videos

NOTE: In January 2022, CAPR discontinued the administration of the Clinical Component of the PCE. Please disregard any reference to the Clinical Component on our website and in our resources as we update this information. If you have successfully completed the Written Component of the PCE, please contact your regulator for details about the process they require for you to become fully licensed.

PCE Candidate Video 1 – Introduction to the PCE

PCE Candidate Video 2 – Components of the PCE

PCE Candidate Video 3 -Clinical Exam Day: Registration and Security Procedures

PCE Candidate Video 4 -Clinical Exam Day: Orientation Procedures

PCE Candidate Video 5 -Clinical Exam Day: Exam Station Signalling

PCE Candidate Video 6 -Clinical Exam Day: Exam Tracks and Stations

PCE Candidate Video 7 -Clinical Exam: Role of the Examiners

PCE Candidate Video 8 -Clinical Exam: Station Instructions, Rest Stations and General Guidelines

PCE Candidate Video 9 -Completing the Clinical Exam, Leaving the Site and What Happens Afterwards