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Preparing for the Exam

CAPR has some resources that may help you to prepare for the exam.

NOTE: In January 2022, CAPR discontinued the administration of the Clinical Component of the PCE. Please disregard any reference to the Clinical Component on our website and in our resources as we update this information. If you have successfully completed the Written Component of the PCE, please contact your regulator for details about the process they require for you to become fully licensed.

Candidate Presentation: the Physiotherapy Competency Exam 

This webinar was led by Nicole Prieto, CAPR’s Physiotherapist Advisor and Kelly Piasentin, CAPR’s Lead Psychometrician and focused on an overview of CAPR, updates on the PCE, the PCE Written Component (exam blueprint and exam scoring) and other exam processes. See below follow-up documents from the presentation:

Click here to access the pdf version of the presentation

Questions and Answers document

Essential Guide for Candidates to the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) includes:

  • information on preparing for the exam
  • information on exam-day procedures
  • a description of what is included on the exam
  • Written Component sample questions

The Exam Blueprint is an outline of the exam structure. It includes the areas of practice, conditions and activities that might be included in the exam. It also outlines the weighting of each area and function for the exam.

PCE Candidate Videos – The orientation videos help you to better prepare for the exam day process and is designed to help you to develop a better understanding of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) and in particular the Part Two Clinical exam (OSCE) process.

FAQs – has a wealth of answers to frequently asked questions related to the PCE.

Written Component Practice Questions -These practice questions are representative of the current exam blueprint, and are comprised of questions that have recently been retired. About 90 percent of the questions on the Written Component accompany vignettes. A vignette provides information about a client; for example, age and diagnosis. The series of questions that follow are based on the information in the vignette. The remaining 10 percent of the questions on the Written Component are stand-alone questions – they do not accompany vignettes.

Remote Proctoring of the Written Component – Resources to help candidates make an informed decision about the remote proctoring modality.

Written Component Practice Exam – This exam provides candidates with an opportunity to experience the test delivery process first-hand, prior to exam day. The Practice Exam is provided through CAPR’s exam delivery partner Prometric.

PCE Key Reference list – This is a list of references and resources that CAPR uses to prepare exam questions and stations. You may want to study some of these references.

LEXICON – This is a list of terms in English and French.