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Why Does the Exam Cost What It Does?

Exam Question Development

CAPR works with over 80 subject matter experts from across the country.  It is estimated that the development of a single multiple choice question costs roughly $1000.  For validity and security reasons, CAPR needs thousands of questions.  We are continually adding new questions to our banks.

Psychometric Services

CAPR utilizes the services of consultants with doctoral degrees in psychometric assessment science.  They advise us on best practices in test design and assessment strategies and they provide us with statistical expertise on every exam administration.

Exam Site and Delivery Costs

Staging an exam requires site rentals across Canada.  The clinical exam requires roughly 1400 event personnel (examiners, standardized patients, support staff) at 8 sites.  We purchase props, supplies and catering for event staff and candidates.  For candidates with special needs, we may need to pay for extra rooms, staff and equipment.


To develop and administer 5 written and 2 clinical high-stakes exams per year, CAPR has a team of trained, full-time employees and supports an office with all the normal business costs associated with a technologically-driven, pan-Canadian enterprise.

Some Perspective on Costs

A professional licencing exam protects the public and it protects the physiotherapy profession from the reputational damage caused by less than competent practitioners.  At an entry-level salary of $35 per hour, a candidate will earn back the written exam fee in less than 4 days and the clinical exam fee in less than 7 days.