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Myth or Fact: The PCE is out of date.

You’ve heard that the Physiotherapy Competency Exam was created decades ago and it hasn’t changed since.  It’s out of date.

This is a MYTH.

  • CAPR has 80 subject matter experts across the country working year-round, every year, to create new exam questions.
  • Roughly 150 new questions or more are created annually and added to our item banks.
  • Fresh exams are created every year, based on the latest exam blueprint, using a mix of new and previously used questions.
  • The exam blueprint has been updated a number of times since the exam’s inception. The exam blueprint is updated whenever the physiotherapy profession completes an analysis of professional practice.
  • The next blueprint is expected to be ready in 2018. It will be based on competencies, in keeping with latest best practice.