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Changing Your Information

You may need to change something after you apply or register for an exam.

Rescheduling your Exam (Changing Your Exam Date)

You should review the Exam Registration Guide for important information about changing your exam date. If you want to change your exam date, you must complete the Rescheduling Form and receive a new Registration Notice. There may be a fee to change your exam date.

Changing Your Exam Site/Moving from Remote Proctoring to an Exam Site

If you want to change your exam site (for the same exam date), you must do this on the Prometric website (select Reschedule). There may be a fee.

Changing Your Address

If you move, you must give us your new address in writing. Use the Change of Information Form and send it via email to Be sure to tell us when the change takes place.

Changing Your Name*

If you change your name, you must give us your new name in writing by providing the following:

  • copy of a new identity document
  • Change of Information Form
  • a copy of a name change document (for example, a copy of your marriage certificate).

*We cannot change your name after we email your Registration Notice.