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Exam Basics

1. Structure

The 2021 Clinical Component will remain an Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE). The Clinical Component will comprise six 10-minute clinical stations and six five-minute clinical stations. There will be no written element for any of the 12 stations.

Each 12-station Clinical Component delivered in 2021 will be built to satisfy the PCE Blueprint.


2. Delivery Method

CAPR will deliver the 2021 Clinical Component ‘virtually,’ using a specialized health care simulation software platform and live, remote proctors. Within each virtual clinical station, the candidate—who will participate from their home or another appropriate location—will interact with a remote Standardized Client and a remote Examiner.

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3. Dates and Delivery Model

CAPR will offer four administrations of the Clinical Component in 2021. The relaunched Clinical Component will be delivered over two days. Candidates will complete the six 10-minute stations on the Saturday of the administration and the six 5-minute stations on the Sunday of the administration.

Administration Month Day 1 Day 2
March Saturday 20 Sunday 21
Six 10-minute stations Six 5-minute stations
June Saturday 5 Sunday 6
Six 10-minute stations Six 5-minute stations
August Saturday 28 Sunday 29
Six 10-minute stations Six 5-minute stations
November Saturday 13 Sunday 14
Six 10-minute stations Six 5-minute stations


Please note: Candidates who are unable to participate in a Saturday or Sunday administration for legitimate reasons may request an exception.


The benefits of a two-day delivery model include:

  • Shorter, more comfortable testing sessions for candidates
  • Accommodates more candidates in each administration
  • Improves test security
  • Lowers the risk of technology failures


4. Candidate Prioritization  

To accommodate both the 2020 and 2021 cohorts of candidates, registered candidates will be prioritized based on the date their application was received.


5. Capacity

Our goal is to accommodate all candidates carried over from 2020, as well as all new 2021‑registered candidates, by the end of 2021. We anticipate providing approximately 3000 candidate spaces in 2021 Clinical Component administrations. Please note that these numbers are approximations based on the current state of knowledge and are subject to change. CAPR will provide updates as they become available.

Anticipated capacity will be distributed as follows:

Administration Projected Capacity
March 2021 400
June 2021 850
August/September 2021 850
November 2021 850
Total 2,950