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2021 Clinical Component Exam Development

December 23, 2020

CAPR engages newly licenced physiotherapists to support development of virtual Clinical Component

CAPR’s Physiotherapist Advisor and Lead Psychometrician recently conducted interviews with eight newly licenced physiotherapists—four Canadian-educated and four internationally-educated—as part of our efforts to safeguard the validity and fairness of the 2021 Clinical Component, which will be delivered in a virtual environment.

As part of this research exercise, the eight physiotherapists each participated in three retired Clinical Component stations virtually and then provided their feedback and perspectives about how the experience differed from the in-person exam they completed in 2019.

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December 10, 2020

Watch: CAPR Townhall Presentation about the 2021 Clinical Component Innovation Roadmap

On Wednesday, December 2, CAPR held a Regulatory Townhall to present the Clinical Component Innovation Roadmap to our Regulator members, their staff and councils. The presentation was hosted by CAPR CEO Katya Masnyk alongside our Lead Psychometrician Kelly Piasentin and Physiotherapy Advisor Maggie Barnes-Ahlbrand.

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November 10, 2020

Accelerating CAPR’s innovation agenda

While it seems like COVID-19 was the impetus for large-scale change to the Physiotherapy Competency Exam, our organization began charting a bold innovation agenda as early as 2017.

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October 26, 2020

CAPR Board approves Clinical Component Innovation Roadmap

On October 21, CAPR staff presented a Clinical Component Innovation Roadmap to the CAPR Board of Directors and non-board Canadian physiotherapy Registrars. We are pleased to announce that the Board has approved immediate implementation of this Innovation Roadmap.

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October 20, 2020

Introducing the Clinical Component Innovation Advisory Committee

On October 1, CAPR launched a major initiative to adapt the PCE Clinical Component for the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

This project is being led by a group of leading-edge innovators in remotely-delivered education and examinations. These thought leaders, collaborating with CAPR staff and Canadian physiotherapy regulators, will advise the CAPR Board in the areas of innovation and virtual assessment.

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CAPR launches ambitious project to create “pandemic-proof” Clinical Component exam

As announced in our news release of Friday, September 25, CAPR has launched a project to innovate the Clinical Component of the PCE in response to conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic. While CAPR and our Regulator Members have been discussing ways to reimagine the Clinical Component for more than a year, the pandemic has made this initiative mission critical.

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