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Step 4: Scoring of the Exam

CAPR follows best practices for the scoring of the exams and determination of pass/fail results.

  1. Following each exam administration, psychometric analyses are conducted to evaluate the statistical properties of each exam question and the exam as a whole. These analyses are used to verify the soundness of each exam question prior to scoring. Any exam questions that do not perform as expected are removed from scoring (i.e., do not count towards a candidate’s final score).
  2. The exam is scored by two testing experts to ensure accuracy (the scores generated by each person must be identical).
  3. CAPR uses a well-established criterion-referenced approach for setting the passing score, which is based on an absolute standard of performance and not on how well other candidates perform on the exam.
  4. CAPR reviews the passing standard periodically to ensure it remains appropriate and reflects current practice.