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Step 3: Administration of the Exam

CAPR follows best practices in exam delivery to ensure that (a) candidates understand the requirements for challenging the exam, (b) all candidates take the exam under comparable conditions, (c) the confidentiality of the exam is safeguarded, and (d) all candidates have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their competence in physiotherapy.

  1.  Questions appearing on the exam are carefully selected in accordance with the test specifications outlined in the exam blueprint. While each administration uses a different sampling of questions from the exam bank, each exam form is constructed to be equivalent (i.e., each form contains comparable content that matches the blueprint and has similar statistical specifications).
  2.  CAPR offers several online preparatory resources to familiarize candidates with what to expect on exam day.
  3.  A documented set of standard operating procedures are followed for each administration to ensure standardization across administrations.
  4.  Strict security protocols are followed to protect and maintain the security and integrity of the exam and to prevent testing irregularities. There are strict consequences for anyone caught cheating on the exam or sharing exam questions.