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Step 2: Development of Exam Content

Development of Exam Content

To ensure accuracy, clarity, consistency, relevancy, and fairness of exam content, CAPR follows a rigorous process for question development that adheres to professional guidelines.

  1.  All exam questions are linked to the blueprint, which mirrors the findings of the latest practice analysis.
  2.  All exam questions are developed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who possess a good understanding of entry-level physiotherapy practice in Canada. The SMEs are practicing physiotherapists from diverse areas of practice and geographic regions, and all SMEs receive training on best practices in question development.
  3.  All newly developed questions progress through a series of workflow stages to ensure they have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted (i.e., demonstrate content validity) before they are tested on an exam. Draft questions are reviewed by a regional committee and then a national committee of physiotherapy experts. No single physiotherapist can develop a question on their own.
  4.  All exam questions are reviewed by a professional editor prior to use on an exam. The editor reviews each item for plain language considerations, grammatical correctness, and conformity with CAPR’s Style Guide.
  5.  All exam questions are psychometrically reviewed after they are tested on an exam to statistically gauge their performance. Any problematic questions are removed from the exam bank.