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We’ve launched our Expert Advisory Panel - read more about the Innovation Agenda here.

How Do I…?

Get my international physiotherapy credentials assessed?

Information for internationally-educated physiotherapists who wish to have their credentials assessed can be found on the Becoming Credentialled page.

Learn about the costs associated with becoming credentialled and writing the PCE?

You can find information on the fees for credentialling under credentialling fees in the Becoming Credentialled section of our website. Information on fees related to taking the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) can be found under exam fees in the Exam Logistics section of Taking the Exam. You can also use our cost estimator tool to get a sense of what your total costs might be from credentialling to licensure. This may help you to plan and budget for upcoming expenses. In the cost estimator scenarios, you can learn how three different paths through credentialling and examinations can lead to very different cost outcomes.

Find my site assignment?

Confirmed Site assignments for the written component of the PCE will be sent directly to you as a Booking Confirmation email from Yardstick Inc., our exam delivery partner. This will arrive 7 weeks before the exam. Site assignments for the clinical component of the PCE are released approximately 10 weeks before the exam date. You can find your site assignment here by searching using your PIN.

Get my exam results?

CAPR releases results of the written component of the PCE within 6 weeks of the exam date. Results can be found by clicking here. Results of the clinical component of the PCE are released within 12 weeks of the exam date. They can be found here. The home page also includes a “countdown” clock that lets you know how much longer it will be until the results are released.

Apply to be a PCE Examiner?

CAPR relies on independent physiotherapy examiners to help administer the clinical component of the PCE. All information related to becoming an examiner, as well as the application forms, can be found under Get Involved.

Find CAPR reports or policy papers?

All CAPR reports and policy papers, as well as our Annual Report, can be found on the website under Publications. Some, but not all, of our reports and papers are available in both English and French. French language reports and publications can be found on the French side of the website only under Publications.