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The Alliance Glossary provides definitions for the terms used across the website and credentialling, exam and licensure process.

Academic record

An official document or a record of a student’s enrolment, progress, and achievement within an educational institution. It identifies courses taken (title and course number), credits and grades achieved, and credentials earned. It may include information about work terms/industrial placement, thesis and research, and the final award conferred.


Approval of the academic standards of an educational program or institution by an independent designated regulatory or accrediting authority.

Accrediting body

A designated competent authority legally entitled to accredit an institution, program, or module of study within the context of an education system. Accrediting bodies can be (but are not necessarily) mandated by legislation or by regulatory bodies and can consist of government representatives, stakeholder representatives, external academic experts, and professional regulatory bodies.
In Canada, Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada (PEAC) conducts accreditation reviews of Canada’s fourteen Physiotherapist education programs. All physiotherapist programs in Canada currently hold an accredited status.


A written declaration on oath made before a legally authorized official.


A generic term for qualifications earned through successful completion of a program of studies.

Bridging program

A set of courses designed specifically to provide a person who already possesses certain qualifications with the additional abilities and knowledge required for admission into a specific program.

Certified translated copy

A copy of a document that was in a language other than English or French, but that has been translated word for word to English or French by a certified translator. The certified translator must translate from the original document or from a notarized copy of the original document, and then must officially sign or stamp the translated copy.

Certified translation

A translation of a document conducted by a certified translator who is certified by a government organization such as the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario. For international translators, CAPR standard is a translator who has been certified by a member organization of the International Federation of Translators.


A demonstrated ability to apply knowledge or skills, and where relevant, demonstrated personal attributes, as defined by, or that meet or exceed, a standard of performance.


A documented evidence of learning based on completion of a recognized program of study.