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Written Station Marking

Written Station Marking (WSM) for the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE)

What: Written station marking is a critical part of the Clinical Component of the PCE. It is a centralized process where the written test sheets from the most recent clinical exam are marked.

When: The first Saturday following the exam.

Where: At a central location in Toronto, Ontario.

Who: The concept of a centralized WSM process rests on the following agents: a national written station coordinator, written station coordinators, markers and auditors.

  • the National Written Station Coordinator will provide assistance to written station coordinators via in-person consultations
  • each Written Station Coordinator (WSC) leads 2 groups (consisting of markers and auditors)
  • markers are responsible for marking test sheets according to the provided marking guidelines
  • auditors review the marked sheets and follow-up with any errors or problems.

Role of the Written Station Marker

The role of the Written Station Marker in the Clinical Component is to:

  • be comfortable and have knowledge and experience in one area of clinical practice (neuromusculoskeletal, neurological, cardiopulmonary-vascular or multisystem) to mark stations in that area
  • have enough knowledge and experience to mark in other areas of practice, if necessary
  • be able to focus on using the marking guidelines and answer key consistently.



Written Station Marking Process

  • on marking day, Written Station Markers are given their station assignments. They will be working in groups to complete this task.
  • each group is assigned one Written Station Coordinator (WSC)
  • it is the responsibility of the WSC to collect test sheets from CAPR staff, distribute them among his/her group of markers and return the same number of sheets once marked
  • the WSC is responsible for finding a solution to any issues that arise by consulting with appropriate parties and communicating resulting changes to their group of markers
  • once all test sheets have been marked and audited, Written Station Markers will be signed out.