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Examiner Eligibility

Examiner Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible if you:

  • have a full, active, independent practice registration as a physiotherapist and in good standing with your home province/territory for a minimum of four years (to allow the newly registered to gain clinical experience and to avoid having examiners evaluating recent classmates).
  • have no conflict of interest with a candidate.
  • have experience in one or more areas of clinical expertise, direct client care, or educational settings.

You are not eligible if you:

  • are employed, or intend to be employed, in a physiotherapy academic program in a role that involves teaching of physiotherapy students. Those involved in occasional lecturing/lab instructors are acceptable.
  • are currently employed, or intend to be employed, in PCE preparation courses and programs e.g. Bridging Programs and for-profit PCE prep courses.

If you are unsure regarding your eligibility to be an examiner, please contact the CAPR exam program.

* Please refer to the Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest for Examiners document for a full breakdown of what is required of potential examiners where a conflict of interest exists.