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What quality control checks have you put in place to ensure that Clinical Component examiners are consistent?

Consistent scoring is very important. We have several processes to ensure that our examiners are consistent.

Each exam site uses local physiotherapists as examiners and markers. This ensures that the examiners and markers are familiar with local terminology and conventions.

All examiners (and all written station markers) must attend a pre-exam training session before they can work on an exam. Examiners must attend training again at least every three years, and many examiners attend more often. Examiners and markers all attend an exam day orientation session. Training and orientation cover the process of marking and the rules for consistent marking.

The Chief Examiners meet before the exam to discuss the exam stations. This meeting helps to ensure consistency across the country.

On the day of the exam, examiners receive detailed scoring guides that cover the stations they are marking. The Chief Examiner helps the examiners to understand the marking guide. If there are questions about a station, the Chief Examiner contacts the Physiotherapist Advisor of the exam program. This ensures that questions and answers are communicated to all sites across the country.

The Written Station Coordinators have an orientation the day before the Written Station Marking. The Markers have an orientation on the day of the Written Station Marking and review unexpected answers with the Written Station Coordinators. The national coordinator makes decisions about accepting unexpected answers and communicates these decisions to the Written Station Coordinators who inform the Markers. This process helps to maintain consistency of marking.

If you do not pass the Clinical Component, we review the scoring of your written station answers before we send your results to you. This final check ensures that you receive proper credit for written station answers.