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What should I bring to the exam?

You should bring the following items to the exam site. You must bring the following identification; without it, you will not be granted access to your exam.

  • A printed copy of your final booking confirmation email. (Any electronic copy will not be accepted e.g. email copy on cell phone, tablet etc.)
  • One of the three valid government-issued photo ID with signature – driver’s license, passport, or permanent resident card.

Permissible Items:

  • Water/juice/drink in spill-proof container with no label (Only if approved by the Test Centre)
  • Disposable ear plugs
  • Scratch paper & pencils – these will be provided to you by the proctor at the test centre (You are required to leave these with the proctor at the end of the exam)

Please note – books, pens, keys, analog or digital watches or other personal belongings are not permitted in the exam room. You may be provided a locker to store these items.