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What is the money used for?

Exam fees cover many different kinds of expenses:

  • Direct costs for the exam program. These include exam sites and personnel, exam consultants, and special needs costs.
  • Committee costs for development of exam items and stations, and for exam scoring decisions. These include the written and clinical test development groups and the Board of Examiners.
  • Research and quality assurance activities. These include research projects like the Analysis of Practice, and quality assurance reporting.
  • Operating expenses for rent, salaries and office supplies.
  • Indirect expenses associated with Alliance activities. These include meeting expenses for the Evaluation Services Committee, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. These committees spend some of their time on exam activities.

Not included in these costs is the significant number of volunteer hours contributed by physiotherapists from across the country who spend time on committee activities related to the exam. These include members of the test development groups, members of the Evaluation Service Committee and members of the Board of Examiners. These individuals are not paid for the hours they work on exam activities.