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What can examiners bring and not bring to an exam?

All examiners and written station markers can bring the following items to an exam:

  1. Wallet
  2. Small handbags
  3. Personal hygiene items
  4. Small cushion

CAPR reserves the right to visually check small handbags.

CAPR and exam site will not permit the following items in an exam room:

  1. Large handbags
  2. Tote bags
  3. Winter coats
  4. All electronic devices (cellphones, iPads, and digital or analog watches)
  5. Backpacks
  6. Food
  7. Coffee mugs, water bottles or travel mugs

If examiners have any of these items registration staff will place the item in a Ziploc bag. Staff will use CAPR Ziploc labels provided and hold examiner belongings in the secure registration area until the end of the exam.

In the event of an emergency, you can ask people to contact you at the site exam day number. Please use this for true emergencies only.