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I have already had my education assessed as part of the FSWP. Can the results be used by CAPR? Will this speed up the process?

If your education has been assessed by WES, ICAS or IQAS for an FSWP application, we are happy to accept a verified copy of your official transcripts in their assessment report if they were sent directly from your university to WES, ICAS or IQAS. However, it is up to you to arrange to have a copy of your assessment report with your university transcripts sent directly to us from WES, ICAS or IQAS. We will not accept copies from you, the applicant. Any costs that WES or ICAS or IQAS may charge are the applicant’s responsibility. In some cases, it is possible that this may shorten the amount of time to gather and process all the necessary documents for your file, however there is no guarantee that this will shorten your overall assessment timeline. If you make these arrangements it may save you from paying for a second set of transcripts from your university, however we cannot guarantee that a copy of your transcripts from WES, ICAS or IQAS will be sufficient. If we determine that your file requires additional research, then you may still be asked to arrange for a copy of your transcripts to be sent to our office directly from your university.

NOTE: Transcripts refers to mark sheets/marks cards/statement of marks for applicants educated in certain countries.