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Virtual Clinical Exam Update

On Saturday September 11, another round of the virtual clinical examination was completed. As with last Wednesday’s administration of the exam on September 8, no major system/load issues were encountered. To date, 14 out of 48 candidates completed all 12 stations without technological interruption or breakdown and an additional 17 experienced problems in only one station.

CAPR worked with our exam provider to rectify some of the technological issues experienced on Wednesday resulting in multiple improvements to Saturday’s exam. However, on both days, a few candidates were unable to complete the exam due to connectivity issues and these exams will be rescheduled. Several other candidates were unable to complete multiple stations without technological interruptions.

CAPR staff will work with candidates to develop alternative means of completing the one missing station. Candidates with multiple station breakdowns will need to be rescheduled in the next few weeks for an alternate exam.

Despite best efforts to anticipate and prevent further interruptions in the delivery of the virtual clinical exam, we continue to experience issues that cause challenges for candidates. Further platform adjustments have been planned for today’s exam of 48 candidates. We sincerely believe that we will see continuing improvements with each exam administration.

The CAPR Board is meeting on Tuesday to consider next steps after three administrations of the virtual exam. We will provide a further update to candidates after that meeting.