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Volunteer opportunity – Montreal, QC

Volunteer opportunity:

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) is currently seeking:

A Regional Chair for the Written Item Generation Team (WIGT) in the Montreal, QC area. 

This team’s chief responsibility is to write and review questions for the Written Component of the PCE.

Regional Chair – Role Responsibilities

  • Recruit item writers as needed. An item writer is a physiotherapist with an independent-practice licence who is willing to volunteer and commit to a minimum of 10 hours per month to the process of item writing.
  • Manage the Montreal Written Item Generation Team (WIGT).
  • Provide orientation & training to members and respond to the ongoing skill development needs of individual members.
  • Support the item writing process, ensuring that items are developed in keeping with CAPR’s item writing standards and protocols.
  • Organize and Chair meetings of the Montreal WIGT as needed (either in person or remotely).
  • Manage the workflow of the Montreal WIGT so as to meet established timelines.
  • Attend bi-annual national meetings of the Written Test Development Group (WTDG) in Toronto (April/October), and present the work of the Montreal WIGT at same for vetting.
  • Be the primary facilitator and contact for communication between CAPR/the WTDG and the Montreal WIGT.
  • Facilitate the buddy review process by managing the online folder for the Montreal WIGT and ensuring that items reviewed by the buddy group are revised based on the feedback provided for presentation at the WTDG meeting.
  • Lead assignments arising from WTDG, assigning to Montreal WIGT members as appropriate.
  • Communicate clearly, concisely and respectfully (written and verbal).
  • Team building and facilitation skills: demonstrates understanding of team processes; facilitates participation of all WIGT/WTDG; and deals effectively with performance problems.
  • Productivity and Contribution: completes assigned tasks on time; contributes positively to WIGT/WTDG meetings; tracks Montreal WIGT member assignment and productivity.


Experienced PTs in all areas of practice are welcome.

  • Have you successfully completed the PCE, or are you exempt from the PCE?
  • Are you a physiotherapist registered in good standing with a physiotherapy regulator in Canada?
  • Do you have a license in a category that permits independent, unrestricted clinical practice?
  • Do you have a demonstrated ability to lead/work well in small groups?
  • Do you have good written and verbal communication skills?
  • Do you understand entry-level physiotherapy practice in Canada through any of the following?
    • regular supervision of senior level physiotherapy students?
    • participation in a physiotherapy entry-level education program as a lecturer, tutor, or similar role?
    • supervisory or management experience (e.g., Professional Practice Leader)?

If you have checked all of the above, then this position is for you!


CAPR offers an annual honorarium.

Please respond by sending an updated résumé and Item Writer application by March 8, 2019 to:

Adam Sayers – Manager, Exam Development                        Email: