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PCE Competency-Based Blueprint comes into effect as of the May 2022 Written Component

CAPR is announcing that the PCE Written Component will be based on the Physiotherapy Competency Examination Blueprint 2018, beginning with the May 2022 administration*. Exams prior to May 2022, including March 2022, are based on the Physiotherapy Competency Examination Blueprint 2009.

The 2018 Blueprint is based on the Competency Profile for Physiotherapists in Canada (2017) which was published by the National Physiotherapy Advisory Group (NPAG).

The 2018 Blueprint is competency-based and is mapped to the domains outlined in the Competency Profile. This approach provides candidates with clearer guidance on the knowledge and skills they need to successfully demonstrate competence at the entry-to-practice level. The 2018 Blueprint provides an overview of the exam structure (as does the 2009 Blueprint) as well as the areas of practice, conditions, and activities that are included on the exams.

The March 2022 Written Component will be administered based on the 2009 Blueprint.

View both blueprints and other resources, including a comparison of the two blueprints, to help you prepare.


* The launch of the 2018 competency-based blueprint was originally planned for 2020 for both the Written and Clinical Components (see August 2019 announcement); however, due to disruptions in exam delivery resulting from the pandemic, a decision was made to continue with the familiar blueprint for 2020 and 2021 in order to limit further disruption and uncertainty for candidates (see December 2020 announcement).