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Important Changes to Required Documents

CAPR is announcing two changes related to identity documents required as part of credentialling applications and examinations applications.


Effective immediately and retroactively, an original hard copy passport-sized photograph is no longer required.

What this means for new and current applicants:

  • Applicants with applications in progress who have not yet submitted a photograph no longer need to submit one to complete their application.
  • New applicants do not need to provide a photograph to CAPR as part of the application process.

Identity Documents:

Credentialling: There are no additional changes to the identity documents required for credentialling applications. Please see the Credentialling Application Process Guide for details about the process and required documents.

Examinations: There is a NEW requirement for those submitting an examination application (July 11th, 2022 and later administrations).

Examinations applications must include a copy (scan or image) of one of the following identity documents:

  • Canadian or foreign passport OR
  • Canadian driver’s licence OR
  • Canadian permanent resident card

Any exam candidate who has submitted one of the above-mentioned identity documents as part of a previous examination application does not need to resubmit.

All existing examination candidates registered for July 11th, 2022 and later will be contacted by email to request submission of this document.

NOTE: The name on the submitted identity document must match the name on the examination application and on the examination Registration Notice. Test centre staff / remote proctors at the time of the exam will verify the name provided to them by CAPR against the identity document presented on the day of the examination. If the names do not match, the exam site or the remote proctor reserves the right to deny entry into the exam. Please see the Examination Registration Guide for details.