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Fee increase

Fees are increasing for the credentialling services and for the Written Component of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination administered by CAPR. Unfortunately, costs to assess credentials, qualifications and competency on a global scale have risen substantially due to various pressures including those related to the pandemic and inflation. Not all our additional costs are reflected in new fees.


Fees for CAPR’s credentialling services are increasing effective March 1, 2022. See details at: Our credentialling fee enables CAPR to complete an Educational Credentials and Qualifications Assessment for each internationally educated applicant, including Canadian citizens who have studied abroad.

Written Component

Fees have increased, effective immediately, for those registering to write the September 2022 or later administration of the Written Component. Those already registered for September 2022 or November 2022 as of the date of this announcement will not be charged the fee retroactively. See details at:


Additional service fees will also increase effective March 1, 2022– a list of these additional fees is found here:


Information on financial assistance and support for internationally educated physiotherapy candidates is available on CAPR’s page on microloans: