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CAPR has a new database and important new reference numbers for clients

CAPR has reached an important milestone in our transition to electronic records management—our Credentialling Program has moved its database to the new cloud-based system! With this exciting development comes some important changes to how CAPR will identify and communicate with our clients (i.e., credentialling applicants and exam candidates).

Clients will no longer be identified using a PIN. Instead, each client will be assigned a Client ID number. The Client ID will be used throughout each client’s interactions with CAPR—through the credentialling process and both components of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam. Clients will receive a Process ID number for each application they submit to CAPR and a Task ID to identify specific steps in each process.

If that sounds like a lot of numbers to remember—please don’t worry! CAPR will provide clients with all relevant numbers in all our correspondence. We ask clients to reference their new Client ID in all correspondence to CAPR. We also strongly encourage clients to ensure any documentation submitted on their behalf by a third party (e.g., translations, educational transcripts, etc.) make reference to the appropriate Process ID and Task ID numbers. Referencing these numbers will help our team assist clients more quickly and effectively.