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CAPR Board approves Clinical Component Innovation Roadmap

On October 21, CAPR staff presented a Clinical Component Innovation Roadmap to the CAPR Board of Directors and non-board Canadian physiotherapy Registrars. We are pleased to announce that the Board has approved immediate implementation of this Innovation Roadmap, a summary of which is shared below.


Adapting to “Covid Times”

CAPR will embrace new innovations to deliver a viable Clinical Component in 2021. The Clinical Component CAPR delivers in 2021 will be:

  • a “virtual” exam (i.e., experienced by candidates in a digital environment);
  • a “touchless” exam (i.e., candidates will not be in the same room as standardized clients);
  • delivered with greater annual frequency than ever before to address the backlog created by the cancellation of 2020 exams in addition to typical demand;
  • recorded to safeguard fairness and validity.


Guiding Principles

Implementation of CAPR’s 2021 Clinical Component exam will be guided by three principles;
the 2021 Clinical Component will:

  • leverage existing exam content and structure, wherever possible, and adhere to the existing PCE blueprint;
  • assess a broad spectrum of entry-to-practice competencies and clinical reasoning skills;
  • be deliberately “pandemic-proof” by assuming widespread facility closures, physical distancing requirements and restrictions on travel across provincial boundaries.


Accelerating CAPR’s Innovation Agenda

CAPR’s innovation agenda began in earnest in 2019 and prior to the arrival of Covid-19, the CAPR Board of Directors approved innovations to the Clinical Component. The necessity to innovate the Clinical Component immediately allows CAPR to fast track many of these proposals, including:

  • removing all written elements of the Clinical Component (i.e., eliminating the written portion of all 5+5-minute couplet stations);
  • eliminating the “Number of Stations” criterion (i.e., candidates will no longer be required to pass a pre-determined number of stations to pass the exam).
  • reducing the number of stations from 16 to 12. (i.e., the exam will now be comprised of six 10‑minute stations and six five‑minute stations).


Maintaining our Commitment to Validity and Reliability

CAPR will maintain our commitment to delivering a valid and reliable exam, even in the context of massive change. We will ensure that the 2021 Clinical Component is both valid and reliable by:

  • confirming that any changes to the exam structure are psychometrically defensible;
  • leveraging existing clinical stations that have demonstrated acceptable performance;
  • having all content modifications reviewed by physiotherapy content experts in a two-stage process (i.e., CAPR’s Clinical Test Development Group comprised of practicing physiotherapists);
  • initiating focus groups and the pre-testing of practice stations using recent licensees and examiners;
  • delivering comprehensive 2021 clinical exam training with Examiners and Standardized Clients;
  • delivering a robust orientation program for candidates challenging the 2021 Clinical Component;
  • recording each exam to enable the confirmation of standardization and fairness.