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CAPR does not Fast Track or Prioritize Credentialling Applications for Any Reason

CAPRs goal is to complete assessments within 10 to 18 weeks of receiving all documentation. You should avoid taking action (such as moving or applying for a job) in anticipation of a positive result by a certain time.

Your assessment can only begin once you and your school have submitted all the necessary documents. The date we receive the last required document to begin your assessment, is called the “inventory complete date”. This is the date your assessment timeline will start. Please refer to our weekly updated Credentialling Processing Times for current credentialling timelines,

Applying for the credentialling assessment and submitting all the necessary documents to begin the assessment does not mean you can apply for the next available examination.

The assessment of your physiotherapy education must be completed and you must be issued an exam eligibility letter or provisional eligibility letter from CAPR before you can apply for the next available examination.

We do not fast track or prioritize assessments for any reason. We understand there are exam deadlines you wish to make, however, we must complete assessments in the order they become “inventory complete” to be fair to all applicants who apply for the credentialling process.