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A message to new and potential Credentialling applicants

At CAPR, we are dedicated to providing excellence in credential assessment and client care. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, our team has been challenged to keep pace with a high volume of applications, as well as calls and emails from our clients.

While we continue to welcome new applications, we want new clients to understand that our processing and communication timelines are currently longer than we would like.

If you apply for credentialling at this time, we will send you confirmation of receipt of your application within days of its arrival in our office, as well as confirmation that your fees have been processed. After this, however, you may not receive a progress update from our team for up to three months.

We understand this news may be disappointing to potential new applicants, but we want to be honest about timelines so that you can make plans and set realistic expectations about how long the process will take. You can read more about our current credentialling assessment timelines here. These credentialling assessment timelines begin after receipt of all your required documents has been confirmed.

We are working every day to decrease our timelines and return to our pre-pandemic benchmarks. We will continue to provide updates about our progress on our website and social media.