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Online Canadian Pharmacy No Prescription

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A Canadian pharmacy  is a store, special in a lot of ways: from the drugs that are sold here (many of which are available only by prescription) to the employees (the persons working there are called “pharmacists”, not “sellers”). Accordingly, the pharmacies have special tasks and functions.

What kind of system is this?

A Canadian pharmacy  is a specialized healthcare organization where medicines and related products are manufactured, analyzed, dispensed, or sold.

A Canadian pharmacy  is not a store but a branch of the health care system. Therefore, the main function of the Canadian pharmacy  is to offer pharmaceutical assistance to the population. In other words, here you can not only buy the drugs, but also consult with a pharmacist.


Different types of pharmacies have different functions. These organizations are divided into two main groups:

  • The pharmacies that manufacture drugs. In this case, the production is carried out according to prescriptions of the doctors for a specific legal entity (with or without prescription). Such pharmacies can also sell ready pharmaceuticals. This group includes the pharmacies with a production department and the Canadian pharmacy points entitled to sell medicines.
  • Pharmacies that sell only ready-made medicines. This category includes Canadian pharmacy stores and Canadian pharmacy  

Based on the forms of management, the pharmacies are divided into:

  • Collectively owned. Examples: cooperatives, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, etc.

Regardless of its form, the Canadian pharmacy  must have a license to conduct its activities (such as sale/ manufacture and sale of drugs). To do this, it must comply with the legislative requirements (organizational, qualification, etc.)

The main task of the organization

All types of pharmacies have the same task: sale of drugs, medical supplies and equipment to the following customers:

  • population;
  • medical treatment and prevention centers;
  • other organizations.

Functions of the Canadian pharmacy

The functions of the pharmacies are divided into several categories. Let’s consider each of them separately. The medical functions of the Canadian pharmacy  (as a healthcare institution) include:

  • Health care for visitors.
  • Public health education work.
  • Pharmaceutical care.
  • Information activities and training of specialists and employees.
  • The main function of social Canadian pharmacy is dispensing the drugs to certain categories of the population (according to the legislation of the state) for free or with a discount.
  • Providing the customers with all the necessary information on the use and storage of the medicines purchased.
  • Informing the workers of medical, educational, and social security sphere about the drugs available for sale and their purpose.
  • Emergency medical care.
  • Customer consultations to ensure responsible self-medication.


The functions of Canadian pharmacy  kiosk and Canadian pharmacy  store

Having contacted the reference Canadian pharmacy , you will find out that this organization has the right to perform only the following functions:

  • Dispensing nonprescription drugs.
  • Sale of personal care products, herbal remedies, and medical supplies.
  • Providing the public with the information on the correct use and storage of medicines.
  • Consultations about the drugs (availability, prices, analogs, etc.)
  • First aid.

Returning to analysis of the Canadian pharmacy ’s competitiveness, it can be concluded that the Canadian pharmacy  is highly competitive, which is explained by its wide assortment (over 3.000 items), location, working hours (24/7), interior and design of the building.