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Life as a Physiotherapist in Canada

The practice of physiotherapy varies in different parts of the world. If you are an internationally-educated physiotherapist interested in practising in Canada, you are strongly encouraged to make use of the “Self Assessment Readiness Tool” (currently unavailable) before applying. This resource provides an overview of the practice of physiotherapy in Canada. It also highlights areas of knowledge and practice that should be considered by all international applicants.

Self Assessment Readiness Tool contains three parts:

  • part 1 provides an overview of the Canadian model of physiotherapy practice and the professional and lifestyle experiences you need to consider
  • part 2 provides a number of scenarios and practice descriptions that you may encounter when working as a Canadian physiotherapist
  • part 3 provides a questionnaire for you to self-assess your knowledge and skills in relation to Canadian physiotherapist competency requirements.

Note that the tool is not intended to be an assessment for licensure, rather an overview of the profession and what practice looks like in Canada. At present, there is no cost to use the Self Assessment Readiness Tools (currently unavailable).