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Licensure in Quebec

Physiotherapy Overview

To practice physiotherapy in canada, you must be licensed by a Regulatory College. All Regulatory Colleges (except for Quebec) require that internationally-educated individuals have their credentials assessed by CAPR and pass the Physiotherapy Competency Examination before a licence is issued. Read more to learn about practising in Canada.

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Life as a Physiotherapist in Canada

Being a Physiotherapist in Canada

Life as a Physiotherapist in Canada

The practice of physiotherapy varies in different parts of the world. If you are an internationally-educated physiotherapists interested in practising in Canada are strongly encouraged to make use of the "Self Assessment Readiness Tool" before applying.

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Considering Canada | Cost Estimator

Immigration Resources

Learn more about immigrating to Canada, settlement agencies and accessing affordable loans.

Cost Estimator Tool

The cost estimator is an interactive calculator designed to help you better understand the specific fees you may experience in the credentialling and exam processes. Check it out for yourself!

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