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Credentialling Processing Times

Current Credentialling Processing Times:

Files with precedent established (Precedent files) Files without a precedent (Non-precedent files)
Our Goal:
10 – 12 weeks
Actual: 9 weeks
(as of January 27, 2020)
Our Goal:
16 – 18 weeks
Actual: 13 weeks
(as of January 27, 2020)

* The majority of files without a precedent are being processed within this time however some applications may take longer due to variations in education assessment agency response times.

We are Committed to Meeting your Needs

The Canadian standard for the length of time to assess a foreign credential is 52 weeks, as set out in the Pan Canadian Framework.  Our goal is to surpass this standard to best meet your needs.  We are committed to continuous quality improvement and will continue to improve our services.  Wait times may change based on fluctuating application volumes.