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2.4 Notarized Copies

Date Effective:  February 25, 2013

Scope: This policy applies to all internationally-educated physiotherapists applying to CAPR’s credentialling process.

Principles: The credentialling process requires the submission of authentic diplomas, degrees or certificates to ensure only qualified individuals are deemed eligible to attempt the Physiotherapy Competency Examination. Although original documents are least alterable, the acceptance of these documents can reduce the efficiency of the credentialling process.


Issues with storage, security, potential damage to and the return of original documents result in less efficient processing of applications. The purpose of this policy is to outline acceptable document authentication methods for copies in place of original documents.


CAPR does not accept original documents. All documents submitted to CAPR, unless otherwise noted, must be notarized copies of original documents that have been made by a Notary Public. A Notary Public is an official who is authorized by the government to certify that copied documents are true copies of the original by applying his or her official signature and seal.  A Notary Public will normally hold the specific title of Notary Public.

Notary Public is a specialized role that is recognized internationally. The following are NOT EQUIVALENT to a Notary Public:

  • Justices of the Peace
  • Commissioners of Oaths
  • Commissioners of Declarations
  • Embassy Officials
  • Pharmacists
  • Police Officers

In order to be acceptable to CAPR, a notarized copy must include both the signature and seal of the Notary Public, along with information such as his or her address and phone number should CAPR need to contact them.


In situations involving applicants from countries which lack a Notary Public, CAPR will find an alternative method to verify copies of original documents, usually through having documents certified by the Canadian Embassy in that country. No applicant will be penalized for receiving their physiotherapy education in a country without a Notary Public.

CAPR makes no guarantees concerning original documents it has received, and will consider applications that include original documents instead of notarized copies as ‘incomplete’.