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Credentialling Process Re-Opened File FAQs

What is a Re-Opened File Review?

A Re-Opened File Review is a re-assessment of your credentialling file that can be completed if you did not finish your initial credentialling process by not fulfilling any outstanding credentialling requirements or by not making an attempt at the PCE before your eligibility expires Policy 2.9. In order to re-assess your eligibility to attempt the exam, you may apply for a Re-Opened File Review. Your file will be re-assessed using the most current standards in place at the time of the Re-Opened File Review. Due to changing standards, there is no guarantee that you will receive the same credentialling outcome as your previous assessment.

Who is eligible to apply for a Re-Opened File Review?

You are eligible for a Re-Opened File Review if you have applied for credentialling previously, and:

• did not complete credentialling because you did not submit all of the required documents within 1 year of applying for credentialling and your file was never assessed, or

• your file was assessed by a Credentialling Officer, but you were unable to meet all of the requirements as outlined in your assessment letter before your deadline or eligibility period expired.

How do I apply for a Re-Opened File Review?

If you previously received an assessment letter but were unable to meet all of your requirements, please contact your Credentialling Officer by email and they will advise you further. If your file was never assessed or you are not sure who your Credentialling Officer is please email for assistance.

If I have attempted the PCE, can I apply for a Re-Opened File Review?

No, after your first attempt at the PCE it is not possible to apply for credentialling again.

If I obtain an advanced degree in physiotherapy from another country, can I get that degree assessed as a Re-Opened File Review?

CAPR assesses entry-to-practice degrees only. If you have already gone through the credentialling process under an entry-to-practice physiotherapy credential and have now attained an advanced degree in physiotherapy from a country outside Canada, we will not assess the additional credential with a Re-Opened File Review.

Will I need to submit all new documents for a Re-Opened File Review?

After submitting a complete application for a Re-Opened File Review, our staff will determine if we can use documents that were previously submitted, or if we require any new documents for your re-assessment. Please be aware that some files have been archived and need to be retrieved before determining what documents are needed.

How long is the Re-Opened File assessment process?

Once all of the necessary documents have been received, a Re-Opened File Review will be assigned as a precedent case or non-precedent case (see Credentialling Process Guide for more information). Your Re-Opened File Review will be completed in sequence, like any other file; a Re-Opened File Review will not be completed more quickly. The timelines for both precedent and non-precedent files are subject to change, and can be found on our website: