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We’re Focusing on Communications!

focusing on communications

If you think back to 2016, the ‘twitterverse’ was old news, unmanned cars were beginning to hit the roads and the digital world was hurt­ling towards the future. But over here at CAPR, we had a website that looked like it belonged in the 1990s and no social media pres­ence whatsoever. There was no getting around it – we were behind the times. We’ve had some catching up to do.

We’ve spent the last 2 years investing in improved communications with our customers and our stakeholders. We’ve launched an email newsletter. We revamped our website giving it an updated look, making it completely bilingual, adding a member fo­rum for our regulators and useful tools for our candidates, making it searchable and making it scalable to mobile phones and other de­vices.

In 2017, we launched our Facebook page to stay in regular contact with our customers. It has been very popular, with followers increas­ing steadily. Some of our most popular posts have directed interna­tionally-educated physiotherapists to free language training re­sources or kept candidates up to date on changes to exam policies.

The work continues

More recently, CAPR has launched credentialling ‘how-to’ webinars, posted exam related ‘Quick Facts’ on our website and we launched our own YouTube channel, where you can view our 2018 updated exam-orientation videos.

We continue to work hard to improve our engagement with stake­holders and customers. If you have feedback or a suggestion about our communication efforts, please drop us a line at