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Weekly Clinical Component Update: Week of May 24

Welcome to CAPR’s Weekly Clinical Component Update—an initiative aimed at providing candidates, our industry stakeholders and concerned members of the public with access to accurate and timely information about our work to relaunch the Clinical Component of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam. We hope you’ll come back each week to hear the latest news from us firsthand.


Update for the Week of May 24, 2021

CAPR staff are working on several exam elements now to support the relaunch of the Clinical Component at the end of August or in early September.

This past week, CAPR’s Lead Psychometrician[1]—in consultation with external psychometric advisors— assessed scoring options for the Clinical Component. Our plan to deliver frequent, smaller exams means adapting our scoring processes to preserve the psychometric integrity of the exam—that is, the exam’s ability to consistently and fairly measure a candidate’s competence.

Traditionally, clinical exams are scored in large batches after each large‑scale, twice-yearly exam administration. Because candidates will be assessed in much smaller groups this time, we must identify a scoring process that maintains fairness and consistency for all Clinical Component candidates, regardless of when a person takes the exam. This scoring process must also allow CAPR to provide results to everyone in a timely manner. Our team will confirm the scoring process in early June.

CAPR staff also began to schedule official testing of exam delivery software. Our team will begin software testing next week, and we plan to confirm details within the next couple of weeks.

We look forward to sharing further developments with you in our update next week!


[1] A psychometrician is a scientist who designs, analyzes and validates assessment tools, such as exams.