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Update: CAPR’s response to our cancellation of the March 20 and 21 Clinical Component

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators, which conducts licensing exams
on behalf of Canada’s physiotherapy regulators, was forced to cancel its clinical
licencing exam, scheduled for Saturday, March 20 and Sunday, March 21 due to
significant technical issues. A two-day, fully online clinical exam had been developed in
response to challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite extensive preparatory work with third-party vendors, the launch of the exam on
Saturday, March 20 was unsuccessful. Significant technical difficulties relating to
capacity on the exam-delivery platform made it necessary to cancel the exam shortly
after its launch early Saturday morning. CAPR will reschedule all impacted candidates.

“We would like to acknowledge the resilience of the physiotherapist candidates and
express our deepest regrets to those who have been negatively impacted by Saturday’s
testing experience and the clinical exam’s cancellation,” says Katya Masnyk, CEO of

Most clinical licensing examinations for health professions in Canada were cancelled in
2020 due to limits on in person contact involved due to COVID-19 control efforts. Finding a way to administer the clinical exam in a pandemic environment was vital to protect public safety while allowing competent candidates to attain full licensure and participate in the Canadian health system as independent practitioners.

CAPR engaged in a thorough, multi-stage system building and validation-testing process. Despite this, the online testing platform appears to have failed to provide sufficient capacity to support the delivery of the exam to the roughly 500 candidates scheduled to participate. CAPR will analyze the issues and make system improvements prior to relaunching the exam.

CAPR will issue a full refund of the Clinical Component fee to candidates registered for the March 20/21 exam. These candidates will be able to take the exam at no cost at a future date and will be able to maintain their ‘place in line’. Candidates wishing to defer to a later exam administration should contact their provincial college to determine whether they are required to take the next available exam.

CAPR will also provide the March 20/21 candidates with access to professional and confidential counselling services at no cost.

Moving forward, we are taking several steps to ensure problems are solved and to mitigate the damage caused by this issue. We are working closely with all the college registrars regarding issues relating to the licensing process.