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PCE Clinical Component: Status Update

As a second wave of the pandemic continues to grow, CAPR has come to the difficult conclusion that we will not be able to meet the demand for candidate spaces in Exam A of the PCE Clinical Component under current conditions. Based on our most recent conversations with our exam sites across the country, site closures, social distancing requirements and exam site staff availabilities will make it impossible for CAPR to achieve our goal of accommodating all candidates currently registered in Exam A. We have already contacted candidates registered in this exam directly to share this important update and information about next steps.

We acknowledge that this news affects hundreds of PCE candidates, who have been waiting—some for more than a year now—to attempt a critical, entry‑to‑practice exam. We know that the impacts of having to wait longer than planned to achieve licensure are both financial and emotional and causing real distress to prospective professionals in the physiotherapy community. We hear your frustration. We understand that you are tired of waiting for concrete answers about when you will have your chance to challenge the Clinical Component exam and begin your career in Canada. We understand that you want certainty right now. While the affects of the pandemic make it impossible for CAPR and our external partners to provide that certainty, we can confirm for you that we are working on it.

As an organization, we care deeply about our duty to deliver the Physiotherapy Competency Exam. For this reason, the CAPR team, working closely with physiotherapy regulators across the country, will continue to explore all avenues to improve the situation for Clinical Component candidates. We have not closed the door to any option that will achieve this end.

We will continue to contact registered candidates directly via email with updates about the status of the Clinical Component exam. We will provide these updates in as timely a manner as we possibly can.