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PCE Blueprint Update

PCE blueprint

In 2017, the National Physiother­apy Advisory Group released its most recent Competency Profile for Physiotherapists in Canada which included, for the first time, entry-to-practice milestones. In 2018, this document was used as the basis to update CAPR’s Physiotherapy Competency Ex­am Blueprint.  We look forward to 2020 when we will start adminis­tering exams based on this new blueprint but before that, several steps and a lot of work must take place.

CAPR is working with our large pool of physiotherapist subject-matter experts (SMEs) to do the necessary groundwork. They have, for example, provided feed­back regarding which milestones are best tested in the written component of the exam and which in the clinical component. This will be complemented by feedback from psychometricians and academic partners. Current­ly, all questions in our item banks are being grouped by entry-to-practice milestone using process­es approved by international psy­chometric experts and leaders in the field of professional licencing. Soon, our SMEs will be engaged in writing exam questions to fill any potential gaps identified in our item bank.

Our plan is to create exams to meet the new blueprint and ad­minister them for the first time in 2020. CAPR aims to have the blueprint publicly posted in May 2019. Stay tuned for further updates!