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New Update on COVID-19 and the PCE

With the March Written Component of the PCE quickly approaching, CAPR continues to monitor COVID‑19 (novel coronavirus) and take appropriate measures to protect the health of PCE candidates.

If you are scheduled to write the exam on March 14, but find yourself feeling ill or unable to travel due to concerns with health, we encourage you to withdraw and reschedule your exam to ensure your optimum performance and the wellbeing of your fellow candidates. At this time, CAPR will be offering candidates scheduled in the March 14 exam the ability to withdraw or transfer free of change. This applies only to the March 14 exam. We will continue to provide updates regarding other exams going forward.

To withdraw or transfer from the March 14 exam, please refer to, and contact our team for assistance. CAPR will reply as soon as possible.

As always, candidates are encouraged to get in touch with CAPR directly with any unaddressed questions or concerns regarding the upcoming PCE.

 NOTE: For candidates who do not notify us prior to the exam and do not show up on exam day, please follow the procedure here under the title of “Absence Due to Illness or Other Extraordinary Circumstances on Examination Day.”

In the absence of any national guidelines for Canadian businesses, CAPR’s test administrator Prometric is taking a proactive approach to reduce contagions at its test centres, including but not limited to the cleaning of all monitors, desktops, keyboards and headsets. Prometric has also reminded test centre staff that a surgical mask is on its list of Personal Items Exceptions, and all staff have been trained on how to account for and inspect a mask worn during testing. Candidates with flu-like symptoms but no fever can wear a mask throughout the duration of the testing period, and staff at test sites may also wear masks as a precautionary measure.

While the Public Health Agency of Canada maintains that Canada is at low risk from COVID-19, CAPR encourages all candidates to educate themselves about the virus as the best response to the current situation. Visit the World Health Organization (WHO) website to learn facts and myths regarding COVID‑19.