A New Exam Blueprint Is Under Development

What is an exam blueprint? Like the map used to build a house, an exam blueprint is the map that shows us how to build an exam that properly assesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of a given area of practice – in our case, physiotherapy practice. It dictates how many questions in various areas of practice should go on an exam. So, the exam blueprint is an extremely important document. Where does it come from? A good blueprint must reflect the practice of the profession that is being assessed and it must be up to date. To know what to put in the blueprint and on any given exam, we need to know what the current practice of physiotherapy looks like in Canada.

Exam Validity Requires an Analysis of Practice

In 2017, CAPR partnered with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada (PEAC) and the Canadian Council of Physiotherapy University Programs (CCPUP) to complete an analysis of physiotherapy practice in Canada. A survey was fully completed by 1587 physiotherapists across the country (approximately 7% of the Canadian physiotherapist population) which gave the working group valuable, current and comprehensive information about the state of physiotherapy practice in Canada today. PEAC will use the information to update their accreditation standards, the CCPUP Curriculum Guidelines Committee will use it to inform their curriculum documents and CAPR will use it to create a new exam blueprint.

It’s Different this Time!

What’s new this time is that the analysis of physiotherapy practice and the blueprint under development are being organized by essential competencies in keeping with the latest best practice in health professional education. This leading-edge work has also identified appropriate entry-to-practice milestones. The work required to translate the analysis of practice into a new exam blueprint will take place in 2018.  Sometime in 2019, Physiotherapy Competency Exams will be designed based on the newly created blueprint. No changes to the exam blueprint or to the format of the exam itself will be made without full transparency and frequent communication with candidates.  Candidates and stakeholders will be well-informed of any changes before they happen. Check back here frequently for updates or follow us on our Facebook page.