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CAPR a Founding Partner in New International Physiotherapy Assessment Authorities Network

International Physiotherapy Assessment: Who ya gonna call… when you need expertise in the assessment of physiotherapy education cre­dentials?  If you are the Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC), you call CAPR’s Credentialling Team – and vice versa. After productive exchanges be­tween the two organizations, the APC decided to found the International Physiotherapy As­sessment Authorities Net­work (IPAAN). Currently, there are members from APC, CAPR, the Health and Care Professions Council (UK), and CORU (Ireland). The group is working to find a platform to share and ar­chive information about physio­therapy educational programs and credentials in various countries around the world.

Kathryn Tognon from APC says, “We are interested in establishing an international network … for the purposes of information exchange [regarding] developments within physiotherapy qualifications and regulation in other countries. This is something that we have recently been partaking in with the Canadi­an Alliance of Physiotherapy Reg­ulators and given how valuable we have found it to be, we seek to expand this arrangement so that we can all benefit from each oth­er’s knowledge and expertise.”