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Good Governance & CAPR

good governance CAPR


Engaging in good governance has been on the agenda of every well-run corporation since the devastating failures relating to the 2008 financial crisis. The Cambridge Dictionary defines good governance as “the effective and responsible management of an organization…which includes considering society’s needs in the decisions it makes.”

In pursuit of sound corporate governance

After an executive leadership change in 2011, one of the first pro­jects the CAPR Board of Directors undertook with the new CEO was a thorough Governance Review. With the help of governance ex­perts and legal counsel, CAPR updated its Letters of Incorporation, By-law and governance policies. In keeping with current best prac­tice, the size of the Board of Directors was reduced, and with a smaller, more engaged Board, the Executive Committee was dis­continued.

The focus of Board agendas has changed, shifting away from oper­ational details and focussing more on organizational strategy and fiduciary oversight. Education sessions are featured regularly, often with guest speakers, to deepen Directors’ knowledge of evaluation services, regulation and innovation. Time is allocated for fundamen­tal, generative discussion, which has been described as exploring strategic and fiduciary responsibilities by first ‘deciding what to de­cide’.

Feedback from regular Board evaluation is driving continuous im­provement. Conduct and confidentiality expectations have been made clearer and the Board has taken first steps toward competen­cy-based recruitment by initially defining optimal Director competen­cies.

The work continues

Engaging in good governance does not have an endpoint.  It is a continual process.  But the steps taken so far have led to a highly engaged, future-oriented Board who are well educated in their gov­ernance responsibilities.

Want to learn more? Check out the About Us page and find out about how CAPR is governed.