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Establishing best practice – CAPR launches Evaluation Services review

After 25 years of leadership in the world of evaluation services, CAPR’s Board of Directors is launching a comprehensive review of current best practices.

“While a multi-method approach to competency assessment still appears to be the strongest approach to ensuring safe and qualified physiotherapists,” said Board Chair, Denis Pelletier, “the time has come to review exactly how those multiple methods should be integrated and what specific competencies they should focus on.”

Pelletier added, “Just as gold standards and best practices change in the technology or banking industries, so too do methods and principles of competency assessment.”

“Significant licensure changes such as those being contemplated are important to all members of the physiotherapy profession and to the public who we serve,” says CEO Katya Masnyk.

The CAPR Board of Directors is embracing a comprehensive and collaborative approach to the review. Partners from other pan-Canadian physiotherapy organizations, such as the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada, and the Council of Canadian Physiotherapy University Programs, have been invited to participate in the review by nominating members to the oversight committee steering the review, and by providing input into broad profession-wide consultations to be undertaken by an Expert Advisory Panel.

In its meeting December 21, 2021, the Board confirmed Stakeholder Engagement as one of CAPR’s essential strategic goals, first identified prior to the pandemic. CAPR’s Board of Directors has revised the terms of reference of CAPR’s Evaluation Services Committee to increase transparency and collaboration.

Kathy Davidson, National Director, Evaluation Services at CAPR, said of the Board decision, “Revising the terms of reference of the Evaluation Services Committee provides us with the opportunity to continue building bridges with the physiotherapy community. It comes as CAPR and the entire physiotherapy profession are dealing with the challenges of two years of the pandemic and several cancellations of clinical component of the PCE.”

Key professional organizations will be able to put forward the names of members of the profession to join the committee. Committee members will have insight into the evidence review conducted by the Expert Advisory Panel and meaningful input through the committee at the heart of CAPR’s evaluation services programs.

Increasing transparency and giving more opportunity to stakeholders to make meaningful contributions to evaluation services are also in other CAPR initiatives. The CAPR is launching an Expert Advisory Panel later this month as the academic arm of the project. Transparency and collaboration are among the goals of this new Panel. This Panel will work toward development of the innovation agenda that will take CAPR to 2028.

CEO Masnyk said “We hope our external stakeholders and partners will get a strong signal that we value their input and want to forge a way ahead collaboratively. We have built more transparency into other of our initiatives lately and will be adding surveys and focus groups to boost our abilities to listen to others. The Board has enabled improved transparency, credibility, and buy-in for those in Canada’s physiotherapy community.”

Recruitment of new members for the Evaluation Services Committee and the Expert Advisory Panel begins later in January 2022.