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Continuing Professional Development Alert

On June 11, 2018, the Supreme Court of British Columbia granted a permanent injunction that pre­vents Evidence in Motion (EIM), Accelerated Motion Physiothera­py (AMP, Bradley Jawl, Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre) and Key Clinical Skills (Jack Miller) from providing or advertising a Doctorate of Physical Therapy or post-professional Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree in Brit­ish Columbia.

The court’s permanent injunction has been posted publicly.

To offer a degree program in British Columbia, an institution must be authorized by the Minis­try of Advanced Education under the Degree Authorization Act.  The EIM DPT did not have this authorization.

A June 28, 2018 joint statement from CPTBC, PABC and the De­partment of Physical Therapy, UBC explained that it is “important to note that organiza­tions or institutions that purport to grant degrees under the authority of another jurisdiction may or may not, in fact, have that author­ity. Course marketing materials often speak to ‘accreditation’; while that sounds official, it is not the same as being recognized to offer and issue a degree by the relevant government authority.” The statement encourages due diligence when choosing the type of continuing education to pur­sue.

CAPR and the physiotherapy regulators across the country welcome the findings of the Su­preme Court of British Columbia.

Doctorate of Physical Therapy