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Virtual Clinical Exam Update

Staff of the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) were asked by the CAPR Board of Directors (BOD) to launch a second attempt of the virtual clinical component of the PCE.  The re-launch began on September 8, 2021 with two subsequent administrations on September 11th and 13th.

Unfortunately, despite the sincere and sustained efforts of the CAPR examination team the re-launch was not as expected.  While some candidates had a good experience and completed all stations, other candidates experienced challenges.  The challenges were varied and remain under investigation however, the desired outcome, a successful re-launch, was not accomplished.

Today, the BOD met and directed the CAPR staff to cancel the virtual clinical examination.  Staff will focus on the written exam and getting back to delivering a face-to-face clinical component as CAPR has successfully done for many years prior to the pandemic. The timeline to deliver a clinical component is to be determined.  At the same time, the planned innovation agenda is a priority once again, and will include discussion of the overall examination program.

Physiotherapy Regulatory Colleges were advised to communicate directly with their own candidates regarding licensing. CAPR will issue a full refund for the clinical component of the PCE to impacted candidates. Data for those candidates who were able to complete the exam without interruption will be shared with regulators to inform licensure decisions.  Candidates with completed exams should contact their regulator for further information.

The CAPR BOD is disheartened that this has been such a challenging and stressful situation for many, particularly the candidates. Now is the time that leaders in the profession need to come together, collaborate, and find a way forward.  The CAPR is a willing participant in those discussions.