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Clinical Component Update: Week of May 31, 2021

Welcome to CAPR’s Weekly Clinical Component Update—an initiative aimed at providing candidates, our industry stakeholders and concerned members of the public with access to accurate and timely information about our work to relaunch the Clinical Component of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam. We hope you’ll come back each week to hear the latest news from us firsthand.

The Complete Project Plan

CAPR stakeholders can now follow the progress of CAPR’s Clinical Component Relaunch Project on our official project plan and timeline. The plan (below) details each step of the project and shows our progress to date. Our stakeholders will be able to anticipate important project milestones and due dates using the timeline. We will update our progress each week, holding ourselves accountable to the project plan and to our stakeholders.

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Click here to view downloadable PDF version


Weekly Progress Report

This past week, the CAPR team confirmed dates for exam software testing. The testing has begun and will be the basis for our choice of exam delivery software. A decision on exam software is anticipated June 11.

Our Lead Psychometrician[1] presented four detailed models for exam session specifications, including number of candidates per session, frequency of sessions and timing of scoring. CAPR staff will propose these models to our Regulator Members this week and a model will be chosen. This important decision will allow us to move forward with scheduling exam sessions.

Finally, the CAPR team started work on a back-up exam delivery model. Having a back-up plan in place will allow us to provide as much certainty as possible that the assessment process will go forward, no matter what.


Comment on MCC announcement about the virtual MCCQE Part II

We are aware that the Medical Council of Canada announced yesterday that it will suspend virtual delivery of the MCCQE Part II. We understand this news may be troubling to our stakeholders. At this time, we plan to continue forward with our re-launch project as described above. If new information causes us to change any element of our project plan, we will provide an update.


[1] A psychometrician is a scientist who designs, analyzes and validates assessment tools, such as exams.