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Clinical Component Update: Week of June 7

Exam Software Testing

We began official testing of a new exam delivery software product this week. This product added enhanced remote assessment features earlier this year, and we have been evaluating its capabilities over the past two months.

The first round of testing involved a group of 18 CAPR employees acting as candidates, standardized clients and examiners. We will ramp up testing over the next week, adding more and more volunteers from outside CAPR to gather feedback from a variety of perspectives and test the capabilities of the system.


Consultation on Exam Delivery Models 

We have developed four exam delivery models that specify the numbers of exam sessions, the number of candidates per session and the timing of scoring. Each model is being evaluated from various perspectives, including psychometric, exam security, operational complexity, and scoring/reporting implications. Selecting the best model is critical; the more we focus on ensuring the highest level of exam integrity, the longer it will take to report results, and we know how vital it is for candidates to get their results as soon as possible. Last week, we sought input about the delivery models from the regulatory colleges and our academic advisors. Once we confirm which model will be used, we will be able to confirm the precise timing of the exam sessions and the number of sessions required to assess everyone.


Conversations with Examiners and Standardized Client Programs

With the decisions about the exam software and exam delivery model coming soon, we have begun conversations with standardized client programs and examiners about their availability. We’re on track to confirm the exam schedule by the end of June.


You can review upcoming key decisions and milestones on our Project Timeline: